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Pdf Viewer

Rolisteam (since 1.9) is able to open and display PDF file.


Open up pdf file is easy. Just click on file > open > PDF. Then select your file on your computer.

Drag and drop

Just drag and drop any PDF file into Rolisteam then the file is displayed.

Share PDF

Rolisteam provides PDF sharing features. You can share the whole document or just the current page. Be careful, sharing a PDF can be really long with heavy file.

Crop the page and share

You can crop the current page to get the image or map you need. Then you share it as image or as item in vmap.

Extract PDF content as Image

A new image window appears and the whole group sees the image.

Extract PDF content as VMap

A new vectorial map appears. The map contains the cropped image as one item.


Due to the technology behind this feature, users may experiment some troubles with huge pdf (heavier than 140MB).