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Rolisteam provides Unit Converters. Role playing games are full of odd metrics, this panel is here to help in this case.

Unit converter


Units are divided into categories.

  • Currency
  • Temperature
  • Distance
  • Mass
  • Volume

Each category has several units. Convert unit to a unit from the same category.

how to use it

Select a category Select the current unit Select the wanted unit Set the quantity to convert Click on convert

Possible convertions


From and to any of those Units:

  1. Meter m
  2. Kilometer km
  3. Decameter dam
  4. Decimeter dm
  5. Hectometer hm
  6. Centimeter cm
  7. Millimeter mm
  8. Inch po
  9. Foot ft
  10. Yard yd
  11. Mile Mile


  1. Celsius °C
  2. Kelvin K
  3. Fahrenheit °F


From Legend of the Five Rings:

  1. Koku
  2. bu
  3. Zeni


  1. Gram g
  2. Kilogram kg
  3. Once oz
  4. Pound lb


  1. Cubic Meter m
  2. Cubic feet ft

Expending features

The units convertor provides a way to add new units and new convertion rules. Click on this button button. The convertor changes to this window:

Unit convertor_screen2