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Rolisteam paradigm

Rolisteam is virtual Tabletop software. Each player can customize the software or its content. To hide or show relevant images, maps, chatrooms and any media.

Rolisteam Goals

Rolisteam has several goals:

  • Provide a serious alternative to play role-playing games with free software.
  • Help its users to keep their privacy and their data
  • Decentralize the Internet (by using it, the way it has been designed)
  • Technological watch over Qt/C++, and other domains

Free software

Rolisteam and Rcse are under GPLv2 read it.
Website, packaging script, this documention and discord dicebot are GPLv3.


Rolisteam is the virtual tabletop software but around it. We create an association in France. The goal of this association is to promote Role playing game and free software and be a link between both communities.