Instant Messaging en fr 


At start, Rolisteam adds automatically several chatroom. Every chatrooms are listed in the Chat messaging panel. The first one is always the global chatroom.


Global chatroom

This chatroom brings together everyone. When new person connect to the server it is automatically added to the global chatroom.

One to One chatroom

Rolisteam prepares one to one chatrooms. When you want to chat with only one person is the best way to do it.

Display chatroom

  • Check the chatroom on the Chat messaging panel

Hide chatroom

  • Uncheck the chatroom on the Chat messaging panel

Flicking Chatroom

Flicking Chatroom (green to red) means there are unread message.

Add chatroom

Just click on Add a chat and select every one who should attend to this chatroom. Chatroom may have 1 or several participants.

add chatroom

Delete chatroom

Select the chatroom to remove and click on Delete a Chat.

Enough about the chatroom, lets take a look at what we can do with ChatWindow.



Message starts with its sender’s name in the sender’s color. Url links are clickable. They open with you default web browser. The top zone displays the conversation and the bottom text zone is the writing zone.

Write message

Select the bottom zone on chatroom. Then write the text. To send multiline text, paste your text inside the writing zone.

Send message

Press Enter to send the message.

Resend an old message

Press up or down to navigate in the history of sent messages.

Send message with your character

Change the selected person in the sender list from your player identity to your character.

Send dice command

Start with ! and the command.



Every one in the chatroom sees the result.

The prefix & is used for rolling secret dice command. Only the user who executes the command will see the result.

The prefix # displays the result to the GM only

More details about dice rolls: please read dice roller page.

Send command

Chatwindow supports emote command.

Start your text with /me. Example:

/me leaves the castle.

result (assuming Kallice is the selected person):

Kallice leaves the castle.

Save conversation

Click on icons Conversation are saved in html.

Show contextual menu


There are two different context in chatwindow. One for writing zone, it is really simple and provides standard text action (copy, paste etc.)

On the conversation zone, there are more features.


Show contextual menu.
Click on Display time.
New messages start with time of arrival.

Set this behaviour as default, see Preferences page.

Change background color

Show contextual menu. Click on Background color Color selector dialog appears.
Select the color.
Click on Ok

Word Warp

By default, Word warp is enabled. When text is longer than the window width. Rolisteam tries to split the text between two words (a new line instead of space).

When dice commands with a lot dice are rolled, the result displays no space between two rolled values. It may cause some slowness. Disable word wrap prevent that slowness.

Detach the view

Show contextual menu. Click on Detach the view The chatwindow disappears from Rolisteam workspace and it appears somewhere on you screen.


Show contextual menu. Click on Detach the view The chatwindow appears inside Rolisteam workspace.

Change Font size

Press Ctrl+mouse wheel. The text size changes directly.

To make this parameter permanent, see theme