Rolisteam  1.7.1
Virtual Tabletop for Pen and Paper Role-Playing Game
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAbstractChatThe AbstractChat class
 CAudioPlayerThis player can be used by the GM to play songs. Regular players can just change the volume level
 CBlinkingDecorationDelegateDedicated to show to user when chat has unread message
 CBooleanConditionValidator class checking validity from logic expression. It manages many operators (see : LogicOperator)
 CCenteredCheckBoxSimple widget to display checkbox in the middle of their parent. It is useful for ItemDelegate
 CCharacterRepresents PCs and NPCs
 CChatBrowserWidget in charge of showing to the user all messages from one chat. It also displays dice roll results, help and error message
 CChatListThe ChatList class
 CChatListWidgetThe ChatListWidget class
 CChatWindowChat window
 CCheckBoxDelegateThe CheckBoxDelegate class
 CCircleDisplayerDisplay a size selector for circle
 CCleverURIThis class stores data refering to file, uri and type
 CColorButtonA button to choose a color
 CColorSelectorDisplayed in Toolsbar for color selection
 CColorWidgetSmall widget to display color and select it. It is used a lot of timer by ColorSelector
 CCompositeValidatorThe BooleanCondition class is a Validator class checking validity from logic expression. It manages many operators (see : LogicOperator)
 CConnectionConfigDialogDialog to set up player's and connection's parameters
 CConnectionRetryDialogThe ConnectionRetryDialog class
 CConnectionWaitDialogDialog shown while connectiong a socket to a server. Display a label indicating connection state, a progess bar and an Abort button
 CCountExecuteNodeThe CountExecuteNode class
 CDelayReceiveEventThe DelayReceiveEvent class
 CDelegateThe Delegate class
 CDessinPersoThe DessinPerso class
 CDiameterSelectorDessine un disque dont le diamĂȘtre varie grace a un QSlider
 CDiceAliasDedicated to store aliases, alias is mainly two QString. The Alias and its replacement. The replacement can be a simple QString or a RegExp
 CDiceAliasModelThe DiceAliasModel class
 CDiceParserFacade class, it receives a command and return a DiceResult class (not yet implemented)
 CDiceResultThe DiceResult class
 CDiceRollerNodeRolls dice of one kind
 CDieImplements all methods required from a die. You must set the Faces first, then you can roll it and roll it again, to add or replace the previous result
 CDirChooserPluginWas an plugin for QDesigner but it is not required now
 CExecutionNodeThe ExecutionNode class
 CExploseDiceNodeExplose dice while is valid by the validator
 CFileDirChooserA LineEdit with a button to choose a file or directory. It displays a QLineEdit and a QPushButton allowing to show the current selection and to browse to select something else
 CHelpNodeThe HelpNode class
 CIfNodeThe ifNode class explose dice while is valid by the validator
 CImageThe Image class
 CImprovedTextEditThe ImprovedTextEdit class
 CImprovedWorkspaceThe ImprovedWorkspace class
 CIpCheckerDedicated to reach to read the public ip
 CJumpBackwardNodeDedicated to change the previous dice of one dice option
 CKeepDiceExecNodeSplits the dice result to get the m_numberOfDice dice from the beginning of the dice result. Usually the pervious node of an KeepDiceExecNode is an SortNode
 CListAliasNodeDedicated to display the list of the current aliases
 CListSetRollNodeDedicated to pick up item from list
 CLocalPersonModelThe LocalPersonModel class
 CMainWindowMain widget for rolisteam, it herits from QMainWindow
 CMapDisplay area for map. this widget displays the map and allows users to draw on it. The alpha layer allows to hide part of the picture. Character are displayed thank to widgets DessinPerso
 CMapFrameThe BipMapWindow class - is the scroll area which manages the display of map
 CMapWizzardThe MapWizzard class
 CMediaContainerThe MediaContainer class
 CMergeNodeExecutionNode. It is dedicated to merge result of several commands
 CMusicModelModel which stores the playlist. Each audioWidget has one instance of this class
 CNetworkLinkThe NetworkLink class
 CNetworkManagerHold the list of socket (NetworkLink). On startup displays the configDialog
 CNetworkMessagePure virtual class to manage network message
 CNetworkMessageReaderThe NetworkMessageReader class
 CNetworkMessageWriterThe NetworkMessageWriter class
 CNetWorkReceiverAbstract class. It is part of the listener pattern. Any class which need to be process some network message should subclass this class
 CNewEmptyMapDialogDialog displayed to the user to select properties of the map he wants
 CNumberNodeExecutionNode. It is dedicated to store number
 COnlinePictureDialogDedicated to download image from the Internet. The user copies/pastes the url, then the download starts. A preview of the image shows the image to the user. If the user valids the picture is added in rolisteam. otherwise, the image is dropped
 CPaletteColorThe PaletteColor class
 CPaletteModelThe PaletteModel class
 CParenthesesNodeExecutionNode. It is dedicated to manage expression which was inside ParenthesesNode. It is acting just like an StartingNode by for an internal execution tree
 CParsingToolBoxThe ParsingToolBox is gathering many useful methods for dice parsing. Its goal is to make the diceparser a bit lighter
 CPersonAbstract class for players and characters
 CPersonDialogThe PersonDialog class
 CPlayerRepresents a player
 CPlayerChatThe PlayerChat class
 CPlayersListPlayersList is List of connected players and theyr characters
 CPlayersListProxyModelYou onbly need to implement : Qt::ItemFlags flags(const QModelIndex &index) const; QVariant data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const; bool setData(const QModelIndex &index, const QVariant &value, int role);
 CPlayersListViewA QTreeView with editable DecorationRole if it's a QColor
 CPlayersListWidgetQDockWidget which display the PlayersListView. It is part of the MVC pattern as the Controler
 CPlayersListWidgetModelThe PlayersListWidgetModel class
 CPlayerWidgetManages all widgets requiered for playing music
 CPreferencesDialogActually only to change directories
 CPreferencesListenerAbstract class which is part of listener pattern. Any class which to be updated after modification of some preferences must be an PreferencesListener
 CPreferencesManagerStore options and manage access to their value. Save/load values in/from QSetting instance
 CPrivateChatThe PrivateChat class
 CPrivateChatDialogDialog box displayed when the user wants to create new chat room
 CPrivateChatDialogModelModel which stored all opened chat room
 CPublicChatThe PublicChat class
 CRangeValidator class to check validity between two values
 CReceiveEventQEvent posted to the appplication to notify network message arrival
 CRerollDiceNodeReroll dice given a condition and replace(or add) the result
 CRessourcesNodeRessourceNode is part of the composite design pattern, it's the abstract class
 CResultThe Result class
 CRolisteamThemeShould store all data required for theme
 CScalarOperatorNodeThe ScalarOperatorNode class
 CScalarResultUsed to store scalar result by many ExecutionNode
 CSelectedColorSelectedColor is used to store the current color and its kind. It must disappear form the software in future release
 CSendFeaturesIteratorUse to check if all players connected to the same server have the same features
 CSortResultNodeExecutionNode, and it is dedicated to sort dice list. The sort is made by hand, using half-interval search algorithm
 CStartingNodeExecutionNode, StartingNode is dedicated to be the first node in the execution tree
 CStringResultStores command result for String
 CToolsBarThe ToolBar class is gathering all tool and manages selection of them
 CUpdateCheckerDedicated to check if there is new release of rolisteam
 CValidatorAbstract class for checking the validity of dice for some operator